Newsletter Design
Project: Selecting a non-profit of your choice, you will design, develop and produce a newsletter for them. Keep in mind that the client will implement the newsletter design to develop the look of their website in the future. The project will include the design of a masthead, development of a grid structure, and the production of a highly finished comp that will visually demonstrate to the client how a produced newsletter will look.

• To engage others in the social awareness of your organization
• To design and implement a editorial grid system that is appropriate with the content.
• To exhibit skills in the selection of type and type design.
• To design solutions that meet the needs of a specific audience.
• To work within design specifications and develop solutions creatively based on them.
• To gain knowledge in electronic type and page layout design
• To work inner changeably with traditional and electronic tools.
Process work included creating a Mood Board, 2 grid sizes, thumbnails, spot color combinations, type specimen sheet. We then began to play with designs and grid until we got a style we liked. Finally we moved to the computer where we finalized our design in InDesign.