Drives of a Lifetime
Editorial Magazine Design
grid systems, style sheets, composition
Drives of a Lifetime Magazine
1. Select an Ulitmate Road Trips destination and create 2 spreads for the article.Use the copy from the story online.
2. A cover is needed with the title and subtitle. You’re the art director, research for gorgeous photos, make the copy readable and inviting. Your job is to make the places the most exciting place on earth to go to.

• To design and implement a grid system that is appropriate with the content.
• To exhibit skills in the selection of type and type design.
• To design and capture the essence of the roadtrip by location.
• To work within design specifications and develop solutions creatively based on them.
• To gain knowledge in electronic type and page layout design.
• To work inner changeably with traditional and electronic tools.
Process Work
Version 1
Version 2